My Nutrition Philosophy 

I grew up eating fast food, top ramen, and all the 90's convenience foods.  When I ate home-cooked meals they usually consisted of southern poor man foods like spam and canned vegetables. When I got to college I had ZERO idea what healthy even was.  I didn't even know what green beans looked like outside of a can. In the early days of learning about nutrition, I thought calories were the end all be all.  I ended up damaging my metabolism and hormones in the process.  It was all worthwhile though because it motivated me to spend years studying functional and integrative nutrition.  Not only was I able to heal my metabolism, hormones, and fertility myself (when the doctors said I couldn't), but I also healed my husbands wrecked GI system and chronic migraines.  Now, I get out of bed every day with the idea that someday real food will be the norm for everyone. I have a dream that society will someday recognize the incredible healing power of good nutrition and use it as a mainstream treatment.  

Whether you are a nutrition coaching client, meal plan client, or sports nutrition client, my goal is for you to develop a new lifestyle while reaching your goals.  You will learn the basics of healthy eating, develop a better relationship with food, and heal your body with personalized nutrition. Above all, your meals will not be gross diet food, it will be DELICIOUS amazing tasting food that's easy to prepare. Don't worry I've graduated from canned green beans, in fact, you probably already know I run my own food blog now! 

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Integrative Nutrition Counseling

*All sessions provided via Skype, Google Chat or Phone. If you are in the East Valley Area of Arizona and would like to meet in person please let me know upon booking your appointment. Not sure which package is right for you or want to build your own?  Use the contact page to contact me with your questions!

All sessions & packages come with a complimentary follow-up email that includes a summary of our discussion and action plan we developed together.

What is Integrative Nutrition Counseling?   For optimal results, it is critical to address functional imbalances such as hormone balance (thyroid, sex hormones, and adrenals), blood sugar fluctuations, digestion, liver function, metabolic health, and chronic inflammation. Ever wonder why you don't have the same results as someone else on the same plan?

Functional imbalances put a roadblock on your path to success, preventing you from being your optimal self. We will work together to determine what your specific imbalances are and address them with nutrition, supplements, and exercise.  Whether you are struggling with fatigue, weight loss resistance, mood swings, GI disturbances, or don't feel like yourself.  Taking a whole health approach will allow us to determine any roadblocks to good health and break through them naturally.  

I specialize in:

Female Hormone Health: Amenorrhea ~ PCOS ~ Endometriosis ~ Infertility ~ Pregnancy ~ Breastfeeding ~ Menopauce

GI Disorders: GERD ~ Ulcers ~ Celiac Disease ~ Irritable Bowel Syndrome ~ Irritable Bowel Diseases 

Thyroid Health & Autoimmune Conditions including but not limited to lupus, hashimotos, fibromyalgia, psoriasis, and eczema  

Weight Loss & Weight Loss Resistance (inability to lose weight, yo-yo dieting, and past history of metabolic dysfunction.) 

Nutrition Coaching Packages

Jumpstart Package ($249)

For people who want a jump start in the right direction.  Clients who find this package most helpful are those who know they will want to follow up at least once.  

  • Hormone & Metabolism Assessment 
  •  75-90 Minute Initial Consult & Coaching 
  • 30 minute Follow Up Session
  • Unlimited Email & Text Support

3 Month Package ($499)

This is my most recommended plan by clients.  It allows us to really dig in deep and overhaul your mindset, functional imbalances and continually evaluate your progress toward your goals.

  • Hormone & Metabolism Assessment 
  • 75-90 Minute Initial Consult & Coaching  
  • 2.5 Hours Of Follow Up Sessions
  • Weekly Recipe & Meal Ideas (3 months Access to Meal Plan Subscription)
  • Monthly Exercise Planning
  • Unlimited Email & Text Support via WhatsApp
  • 52 week Healthy Habit's E- Course

6 Month Lifestyle Reset ($799)

This program allows us to create a solid foundation and then build on it every week. We will get to set small goals slowly that become ingrained in your lifestyle.  It's a great way to stay accountable to your long-term goals.

  • Hormone & Metabolism Assessment 
  • 75-90 Minute Initial Consult & Coaching  
  • 5.5 Hours Follow Ups (1x/month 1 hour each or 2x/month 30 minutes each)
  • Weekly Recipe & Meal Ideas  (6 Months Access To Meal Plan Subscription)
  • Monthly Exercise Planning
  • Unlimited Email & Text Support Via WhatsApp
  • 52 Week Healthy Habit's E- Course

A La Carte Sessions

For those who do not need intensive regular follow-ups or would prefer to follow up on an as-needed basis, this option is perfect for you!

Initial Assessment - $199

60 Minute Follow up Session ($149)

30 Minute Follow Up Session ($79)

*VETERAN/STUDENT DISCOUNT!  I reduce my rate for veterans and students.  If you would like to use this discount please contact me separately and I'll send you a special link!

**I do not bill any insurance companies at this time. However, I can provide a superbill for you to submit for reimbursement to your insurance company.  HSA/FSA cards can also be used when purchasing any nutrition counseling package!

Other Nutrition Services

What to Eat? Meal Plans

Food Sensitivity Testing

Private Grocery Store Tours

Consultations & Presentations 


Kelli Shallal, MPH, RD

Kelli Shallal is a Registered Dietitian, NASM Certified Personal Trainer, and the blogger behind the blog Hungry Hobby, which you’ll find at hungryhobby.net. Kelli received her Masters of Public Health in Nutrition from Loma Linda University in 2013.  Kelli started her blog to share the joy in living a healthy fit lifestyle, without starvation or food restriction. On the blog, she shares recipes, workouts, nutrition facts, health tips and real life. In addition, Kelli is a professor at a local college and owns a functional and integrative-based private practice.