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WIAW: Last Week’s Eats (3/31/14-4/4/14)- How Healthy Are RD’s?

Hello everyone, I thought I’d put up my eats recap this week on Wednesday to participate in the National What I Ate Wednesday (WIAW) blogger fun day. I also thought I’d use today’s post to raise an interesting and controversial question, how healthy are RD’s really?   Nutrition experts, RD’s included, vary extremely on their opinions on what type of diet is best and healthiest.  I know RD’s that fall everywhere along the spectrum from vegan/vegetarian to paleo, which generally have vastly differing opinions on the healthiest way to fuel your body.  How can this be?  Didn’t we all receive the same training and learn the same nutrition language?  

How can one RD eat red meat with no problem, but I say I avoid it?  How can one be Vegetarian or Vegan, and the other be following Paleo?  How can one be gluten free and another chowing down on wheat products like it is their job?  How can you define what healthy is, if as a profession we can’t decide among ourselves? Who can you trust as your health role model?!?!  The answers may surprise you. 

Listen to all of them, trust what works for you.  People, including RD’s, must make their own opinions based on their personal experience and what works for THEIR body.  That’s why I might eat or avoid certain foods but when working with clients my aim is always to help clients figure out what will work for them.  One eating pattern may not always work for your entire lifetime either, for example weight loss versus pregnancy are two different goals with very different eating patterns.  RD’s generally recognize that nutrition is part of our life cycle, and therefore changes as our needs change throughout our lifetime.  So whether the nutrition experts are eating healthy or not really comes down to the definition of the word “healthy”, which I think should be applied more on an individual basis than general.  So when an RD, like myself, puts their dietary habits out there for the world to see.  We aren’t saying THIS is the BEST and HEALTHIEST way for EVERYONE to eat, but instead we are saying, “This is what works for me… I hope it inspires you to eat the way that makes your body feel its best.”  At least that’s what I’m saying!


Last Week’s Eats- See What an RD Really Eats (3/31)


March 31st Colalge

Breakfast- Almond Butter and Banana Mini Quesadillas

Morning Snack- Yogurt

Lunch- Chicken Salad with goat cheese and dates.  Carrots and Hummus

Dinner-  Shrimp and Broccoli Omelet w/ broccoli on side


Juice 4 1

April 1st collage

Breakfast- Almond Butter and Banana Mini Quesadillas

Morning Snack- Yogurt

Lunch- BBQ Chicken Salad with dates and goat cheese.  Carrots and Hummus

Dinner-  Spinach Omelet with melted gouda and avocado.


Wed juice Collage

April 2nd Collage

Breakfast- Spinach Omelet with pepperjack and avocado, plus strawberries and orange

Lunch- PB and J sandwich to celebrate national PB & J day, carrots and hummus  (Is PB and J a healthy food? Absolutely, find out why!)

Dinner- Failed Mac & Cheese with chicken, mostly ate the veggies out of it

Muscle milk at some point



Thurs collage

Breakfast- One of those mini Almond Butter and Banana Quesadillas, my stomach wasn’t feeling so good… but I rebounded by lunch

Lunch- Chipotle Chicken Salad brown rice, salsa, and guacamole (which I ordered using the Chipotle App!)

Dinner- Two bowls of puffins with strawberries and almond milk 



Breakfast- I started the morning off with a banana then after I picked up some supplies at work I swung through starbucks for a feta egg white wrap

Lunch- Frozen food picked up at Sprouts, it was okay but not great. I also ate the carrots from Thursday mornings breakfast picture and nibbled on the second almond butter and banana quesadilla.  

Dinner- THE BEST GREEN SMOOTHIE I HAVE EVER HAD IN MY LIFE, I’m not sure why it was so good its pretty much the same as I usually make it but man it was delicious! (1 cup milk, 1 banana, 3 dates, 1T Peanut Butter, 1/2 cup ice, 1 scoop chocolate protein powder, and 1 huge handful of spinach)

Last Week’s Caffeine Cut Back ProgressCoffee

Monday- Chai Tea Iced with almond milk and stevia (I had a tea leftover from a starbucks meet up I had during the weekend)

Tuesday- Half Decaf Coffee, the picture (upper right) is how much was left before I threw it away)

Wednesday- Same as Tuesday but no picture, then I had a decaf honey almond non fat latte from Nordstrom Cafe (bottom left)while I got my hair done.  Guess what?  Even that kept me up at night!  

Thursday- Half Decaf Coffee, whats left before I tossed it is bottom right

Friday- I only had sample cups of coffee at Sprouts!

I’ve come a long way since two 20 ounce full strength coffees a day!  Guess what else?  I haven’t had ANY caffeine this week yet!  I’m AMAZED!  


Pretty similar to last week, but with one major change.  I felt the emotional dependence for that morning coffee kind of lift, it was pretty awesome!  I started to feel comfortable I would have enough energy to make it through the day without the coffee!  

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Disclaimer:  I do not take a picture of EVERY morsel that goes into my mouth all week, like everyone I snack here and there.  I ALWAYS have some sort of dessert even if I forget to take a picture of it.  However, I try to give a good overall picture of what I eat on a daily basis.  🙂

Last Week’s Workouts:

Sunday-  Rest

Monday– Plank Challenge (12 minutes) + Upper Body (15 Front Raises, 15 Tricep Kickbacks each side—-> x 3), 2 mile walk plus PT exercises, stretch and ice

Tuesday-  300 Abs (modified), All Cut Up Arm Burner, 2 Mile Walk, PT Exercises, stretch and Ice

Wednesday- Back Sculptor (NTC-modified), 2 milk walk at lunch, PT exercises, stretch and ice

Thursday– Rest

Friday- Plank Challenge (10 minutes), Dance Abs

Saturday-  Rest

I’ve been loving my quick and effective AM workouts which give me more time in the afternoon after work to do what I need to do!  It’s just so hard to get up some times!  Looking for some of these exercises?  I’ve pinned them all, follow me on Pinterest!——> Click here!




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