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Weeks Fitness and Meal Plans (8/18-8/25)

Hey there, hope your weekend didn’t fly by as quick as mine did! I can’t believe it is Sunday night already, it just doesn’t seem fair! Oh well, I’m posting late tonight because tomorrow is going to be a super bright and early morning starting at 5am, so there will be no time for blog posting.

I wanted to share with everyone the treadmill workout I did on Saturday because it was so super sweaty and intense but also so entertaining, the time literally flew by! I also did 20 minutes of functional training which included attempting box jumps for the first time! I was a little scared so I went for the super low ones and practiced form. I think I may have found a new favorite functional training move!

30min 3 15 treadmill

Today, my workout didn’t go quite as well… let’s just say I barely finished 5 miles in under an hour. I had a number of different factors working against me including heat, bad sleep, and Saturday’s functional training. So, I have decided if I’m going to start training then I need to prioritize the days I add mileage. I will try to work it so I have rest day the day before and get up before it even gets light outside. Goals require sacrifice and that’s what gets results. At least that is what I’m telling myself…. Anyone else have any tips?

This week I will pretty much be following my Half Marathon Training Schedule, specifically:

Sunday– 5 miles

Monday- 2 miles HIIT plus Bodypump or ST

Tuesday– Yoga/Active Rest

Wednesday– Zumba + ST (Arms and Core)

Thursday– 3 Miles

Friday– 3 Miles + ST

Saturday– OFF/Active Rest–> Moving Day= lot’s of lifting.

My meal plan is going to look pretty similar/exactly the same as last week seeing as how I didn’t get to the store. I only have two weeks left here in Palm Desert so I didn’t really see a point. I’ll probably stop for some essentials like carrots and bananas on the way home one day though.

Breakfast Options

Sunbutter Fruit Wraps

Parfait Style Cold Oats

Nut Butter/Protein Style Cold Oats

– Sweet Potato

– Bagel “Energy Bar” w/ Sunbutter

Snack Attacks

– Pretzels (for work)

– Fruit

– Turkey Jerky (for work)

– Spoonfuls of Sunbutter

– String Cheese


-The nutritional services department at the hospital graciously provides interns with meals. 🙂 (I wrote about how I plan my lunches here.)

Easy and Quick Dinner Options

5 Minute Omelet Bowls

Shrimp Quesadillas

– TJ’s Frozen Chicken Tamale

– Cheesy Broccoli Omelet

– Protein Shakes

I think I might have mentioned this last week but I CAN NOT wait to get back to cooking, baking, and preparing full meals. My pinterest, feedly, and ziplist are exploding with recipes I’ve saved and I can not wait to make! Deciding what to cook first will be the hard part… Have a good rest of Sunday night and Happy Monday tomorrow everyone!

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