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Wedding Recap: The Emergency Bridal Box

Let me just say that on your wedding day things will go wrong that you never thought of, and all the things you thought of and planned for will go smoother than you could have ever expected. That being said, the emergency bridal kit is one of the most amazing and best things you could have with you that day for both the expected and the unexpected! Not only did it give me something to focus on, but in my mind it helped tie together any lose ends that I could think of. On Wednesday night (2 nights before the wedding) Paul had gone to stay with his parents and after my workout I was left with the apartment to myself. So what does one bride do that can’t shut off her thoughts? BE PRODUCTIVE! I made an emergency bridal box and I’m so thankful that I did, it came in handy more times than I probably even know about!!!!

Bridal box


All the stuff in the box came from the mini travel toiletries section of Target or was found somewhere in my apartment. I looked up several lists and just kept adding to the box till I felt like it was complete. It was a nice calming pre wedding activity for the stressed out bride to be.

  1. Body Spray
  2. Advil & Tylenol
  3. Tide Pens
  4. Bobby Pins (Brown and Blonde)
  5. Lint Roller
  6. Brush
  7. Comb
  8. Kleenex
  9. scissors
  10. Hair Spray
  11. Dryer Sheets (for static)
  12. Tooth brushes
  13. Sewing Kit(yellow and white thread plus needles)
  14. Safety Pins
  15. Tape
  16. Face Wipes
  17. Sanitizing Wipes
  18. Lotion
  19. Tea (green, black, and calming)
  20. Hand Sanitizer
  21. Calming Music
  22. Cue Tips
  23. Cotton Balls
  24. White Out (For chipped nails)
  25. Super Glue
  26. Lipstick & Lip Gloss
  27. Rubberbands
  28. Deodorant
  29. Dental Floss
  30. Nail Files
  31. Super Glue
  32. Clear Nail Polish
  33. Nail Clippers
  34. Tampons & Pads


What I would add:


shot glass (just saying), a favorite photo of the groom (in case you haven’t got to spend much time with him), something to make you laugh and a cross (maybe not in that order.)

Most Useful:

The absolute most useful pieces of this emergency bridal box were the sewing kit and the safety pins. We used the safety pins for the girls shawls during the ceremony and the sewing kit came in handy three or four times. My bustle ripped on the dance floor and one of my bridesmaids sewed it and re sewed it and re sewed it, so I was definitely thankful to have it!

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