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This Week’s Meal Plans and Fitness (3/9/14

This week I’m going too….

Week10 jpg

Since I won’t be juicing that much this week, I need to focus on staying hydrated.  Plus it’s a good habit to get into BEFORE it is blazing hot this summer.  I usually drink 2/3 of my water from 4pm to 9pm, starting in the car ride home and then continuing throughout the night.  I need to start drinking more water throughout the day, anyone have any tips?  Feel free to do this one with me!

Past Meal Plans & Healthy Habits Challenges

Grocery Shopping

Trader Joe’s

IMG 2895


IMG 2896

Menu Options

 This week was a tough one with meal planning! I wasn’t in the mood for anything specific, I hadn’t seen any new recipes I really wanted to make, and didn’t have any specific blog related recipe development planned. Plus, the hubby is out of town Wednesday night through Sunday so it’s just me. On top of that we are moving the week after so I was trying to keep it minimal in the grocery shopping department. We even decided to reluctantly pack the juicer… dun dun dun two weeks without the juicer?  Anyways, we wanted to get the grocery shopping done in the morning on Saturday so I headed out without a plan. So now I’ve got to make a plan based off of what I bought, instead of the other way around. Sometimes it’s easier that way… and sometimes it’s not…. Oh well here it goes anyway.

Breakfast Ideas

 –  Vans Whole Grain Waffles 

–   Cereal

–   The usual Green Chile Breakfast Burritos

Green Chile  Cheese DIY Frozen Breakfast Burritos1 

–  Or there is of course always tons of overnight oats options… my most recent favorite is the Blueberry Muffin Version

Blueberry Muffin Overnight Oats


–  Nitrate Free Deli Meat/ Turkey Bacon Sandwiches or Salads 

My favorite combo remains to be the BBQ Chicken and Peppered Turkey Bacon 

BBQ Chicken and Peppered Turkey Bacon Salad

– leftovers

– PB & J (always got to throw that in there as a back up) 



  • Sunday- Out (with the in laws)
  • Monday- Chicken Salsa Verde Mexican Lasagna
  • Tuesday- Leftovers
  • Wednesday-  Wing it (usually means healthy homemade corn dogs from the freezer for the hubby and a 5 minute southwest omelet bowl for me
  • Thursday- Salmon w/ TJ’s roasted sweet potatoes and green beans 
  • Friday- Out 
  • Saturday-  leftovers from fridge land 

Fitness Plans

Guess who has fitness plans again?!?!?!?!?! Me!!!!!  Last week I successfully incorporated a few run/walks in and with lots of icing after (but no ice baths) the soreness was pretty manageable.  The progress feels slow, I keep thinking about when I was running 4-6 miles 3 to 4 times a week and I just want to get back there or get back to cross fit… but I remember to be thankful for progress and the ability to do anything.  I even started keeping track in my notebook again, which is very exciting… baby steps forward are better than stepping backwards!  Here is what is on the plan for this week:

  • Sunday- Upper Body Challenge
  • Monday- Upper Body Challenge & Walk/Run
  • Tuesday- Upper Body Challenge & Walk/Run
  • Wednesday-  Rest
  • Thursday- Upper Body Challenge & Walk/ Run
  • Friday- Upper Body Challenge
  • Saturday-  Upper Body Challenge & Walk/ Run 

The Upper Body Challenge is a 30 Day Ultimate Upper Body Challenge from Eat, Drink, and Be Skinny


How is your meal planning going for this week?  Any new things on the menu or any recent amazing grocery store finds?


–  Kelli

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