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Sweet Potato Protein Pancakes

So I had two huge roasted sweet potatoes leftover from my roasting extravaganza Christmas Eve. The lazy part of me wanted to throw them away, or make sweet potato soup. But one of my favorite ways to eat sweet potatoes is for breakfast, and what better way to have them for breakfast then in pancakes??? These pancakes are mildly sweet (but don’t have any added sugar), hearty, and packed with nutrients and protein to keep you going all morning long. They aren’t super fluffy like a normal buttermilk pancake, but they taste delicious and come packed with 15g of Protein per serving and 176% DV of Vitamin A. Now, I’ve got a filling breakfast set all week long (and snacks) that feels like a total splurge, but isn’t! Happy New Year to me!

Sweet potato pancakes


– 2 medium sweet potatoes

– 1 scoop vanilla protein powder (I used Designer Whey)

– 1 egg

– 1 cup egg whites

– 1 cup old fashion oats (GF is fine)

– 1/2 cup nonfat plain greek yogurt

– 1 tsp vanilla

– 1 tsp cinnamon

– 1/2 tsp baking soda

– stevia too taste



1. Roast your potatoes: Option A: Pierce them with a fork and microwave them for 6-9 minutes. Option B: Pierce them with a fork and roast them at 400F for about 45 minutes. Once they are soft let them cool slightly and proceed to step 2.

2. In a food processor grind 1/2 cup oats to oat flour.

3. Add in remaining ingredients and process until mixed. Add in the rest of oats and pulse until just combined.

4. Using a 1/4 cup measuring cup, poor batter onto a griddle sprayed with cooking spray (on medium.) Flip pancakes when bubbles come up in the middle.

5. Enjoy topped with nut butter, maple syrup, fruit, nuts, or anything that sounds yummy!

*Since I’m reheating mine all week, I actually slightly undercooked them so that the microwave can finish the cooking.


Makes 10 pancakes (serving size = 2 pancakes)

Nut facts

Running Weekend

8 Mile Run/Walk

In other news, remember how last week I was so happy because I averaged 9:47/mi during my 8 mile run???? I was reporting how excited I was to be running faster and all that jazz. Well that came to a screeching halt on Saturday….I had one of the worst long runs I’ve had since I had all that hip pain a couple months ago. I don’t know if it is all the sugar, not enough sleep, too much alcohol, too much cross fit (for my weak muscles), or not enough yoga but man was that run hard. The first 5 miles Paul joined me and he was struggling just as bad as me.

1mi- 9:17

2mi- 9:27

3mi- 10:05

4mi- 12:08–> had to walk

5mi- 10:06

I knew that I should probably stop, I was feeling sore and way more tired than usual… but I had a feeling Sunday wouldn’t be any better so I forged on. A decision I regretted because my legs literally burned like they do during crossfit (which never happens to me during running.) Usually I love my long runs, even when they are hard. This one was not the case, I stopped and walked a lot.

6mi- 9:45

7mi- 10:06

8mi- 11:28

Total: 8.66 miles for a 10:22/mi average. BOOOOOO Who likes to make progress then have a set back??? NOT ME! But, that being said, I feel that it is my body trying to tell me I’m doing something wrong, and I should listen. I know from experience that gains are only achieved when a proper amount of rest is incorporated into fitness. So, as I stated in my meals & fitness plan for this week, I’ve got a new plan. I will alternate between 2 and 3 crossfit sessions a week. I will build mileage on the weeks that I only go to cross fit twice. I will also make sure I don’t skip out on Yoga Friday mornings anymore. I think yoga, even just for 20 minutes is what makes it possible for my legs to be freed from the torture I put them through.

3 Mile Treadmill Run

I have to say after the torture of Saturday, I was extremely reluctant to go to the gym on Sunday. Eventually I dragged myself there and as always I was glad I did. I blasted through this treadmill workout, which was hard but felt great and did I some abs found on my Pinterest board…it was nice and quick and a good one!

3 3 miles 30 minutes

Then I came home and blasted through chores and prepping food for the week and went to bed way to late… good thing we get a break in the middle of this week!

Now I’m off to work, hope you have a good one!

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