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Sweet Potato Pancake and Retraining Your Brain

Happy Hump Day Everyone! Man this week is flying by so fast but’m thankful for that because I hate when they drag on and on! Breakfast yesterday morning was something new for me, I had a….

2 Ingredient Sweet Potato Pancake

Sp panckae collage

I first saw sweet potato pancakes on one of my favorite blogs here. You’ll have to head over there to get the recipe, but I will tell you I made this the night before (covered with a paper towel for 30 minutes, then with plastic wrap) and reheated in the morning. I topped it with sun butter, almond butter, and raisins. Although I’m not into hot breakfast right now, it was a nice change and definitely very satisfying… it will definitely be appearing in the line up this winter for sure!

Right before lunch I heard there would be cake in celebration for the head of our department’s birthday… so I went a little light on lunch. Simple Salmon with half a plate of veggies!

Salmon lunch

She graciously shared this beautiful edible bouquet that was sent to her…

Fruit boquet

and there was Costco sheet cake with buttercream frosting which I was too embarrassed to take a picture of. I’d like to say I had some fruit, but there was cake… so COME ON!

After the cake extravaganza I couldn’t help but feel a little guilty. I was thinking to myself: Why did you have to get such a big side piece AND a frosting flower. Why couldn’t you have grabbed the simple middle piece with minimal frosting? Now you can’t have dinner.


When I was calorie counting I would have used this as an excuse to blow the whole day, since I didn’t know how many calories was in the cake then the whole day would be shot (meaning no more logging so I could have whatever). Or I would have left myself out of the fun completely for fear of not being able to log it. Today, I struggle with the negative self talk I mentioned above. In any case I have now learned to stop and redirect my train of thought by reminding myself these things:

– Health is an accumulation of all that we put in our body. I ate mostly healthy today and I can eat healthy the next meal. This puts me back in control.

– Healthy food fuels the physical and emotional parts of us, treats feed the soul. So in other words, we should enjoy them when we have them.

– Today is a workout day, I can go a little longer than planned no big deal.

– One piece of cake is to be enjoyed otherwise what’s the point of having it? It is never something to worry about when you live by the 80/20 rule.

Workout and Dinner

With that little pep talk I headed to the gym after work and had a fabulous super sweaty workout. I did a total of 3 miles split up before, midway, and after the Hot, Hot, Hot workout from THAT’S 100 BURPEES, 100 PUSH UPS, 100 CRUNCHES, 100 PLANK JACKS AND 100 SQUATS!!!!!!! WHOAHHHHH FOR ME! I ended the night with a muscle milk shake.

If I was hungry I would have had something else, but I actually just wasn’t. So I listened to my body’s subtle cues and fueled according to that. NOT according to how many calories I think I had already consumed. Learning to listen to my body tell me what it needs has taken quite some time and practice, but now it comes much easier. As a result, I’m simply a happier healthier person.

Questions of the day:

Any mantras you use to retrain your brain when negativity sets in?

-Why do you eat healthy? What motivates you?

For me it’s because I love the way it makes me feel physically, I feel energized not sluggish. I also just love the idea of naturally nourishing my body, taking care of myself isn’t a bother but instead a privilege.

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