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Easter Recap & 12 Week Check In

Hi Friends!  I hope you had a lovely weekend filled with family friends and carrot cake!  I know I did! Saturday I got in a 4 Mile Run + 2 Mile Walk with Nala pup on Saturday.
Kelli and smoothie
On Sunday, Mr. hungry and I went to the early mass, then we came home and took Nala for a long Easter walk.
Kelli and cross
 After getting in a quick workout we headed out to take Grandma out for lunch, we went to Whole Foods which was perfect!  
Whole foods2
Sadly I dropped my phone at Whole Foods and the screen cracked.  BERG!  So if you’re wondering where hungryhobby disappeared to on social media that’s why!  My replacement phone is supposed to be here by Tuesday so I guess I’m detoxing from social media for the day, maybe I’ll be SUPER productive!

 Healthy Habits Challenge

For this week’s challenge it’s all about looking back, which of the habits have you mastered and which of the habits need some more work?  It’s good to self reflect on where your at, what you need to focus on, what’s easy and what has been more of a challenge.  

For the last few weeks I’ve been recounting what I’m calling my summer body goals.  Last week’s goal was to sleep better and more (see week 12 above) which I didn’t do so hot so I’m repeating that one.  Looking at the above here is where I am at: 


Eating Breakfast, Eating Veggies, Getting Enough Omega 3, Eating Healthy Carbs, Fats, Proteins, Scheduling Workouts 

Needs Improvement: 

Drink Water, Meal Plan/Prep (I do well for Mr. Hungry just not myself), Sleep 

So here are my goals this week:

  1. Drink 3 Liters of Water
  2. Sleep 7-9 hours 
  3. Meal Plan/Prep
BreakfastGreen Smoothies 
Lunch– Veggie Omelets/quiches (zucchini, broccoli, etc)
Snack– Mini Bell Peppers and Spicy Avocado Hummus 
Dinner- Chicken Sausage or Shrimp, Brown Rice, Salad 
Bedtime Snack- cashews or cottage cheese 
4.  Ditch caffeine and sugar (I’m planning to do this for 21 days, but let’s start with a week)
Instead of coffee—> decaf coffee, green tea, dandy blend, yerbe mate, prayers and extra sleep 
In college, every break I would detox from caffeine, not on any type of program but because I didn’t need or want it anymore.  I drank so much of it studying and staying up to get things done, I was literally disgusted by the idea of it.  When I’d get home from break I’d sleep like 3 days in a row, pop some Ibprofen and eventually come out of the haze feeling great.  So I was doing this every 8 to 15 weeks, but out of school it’s hard to make that kind of commitment.  Any break is usually a vacation or something you want to be alert from, not dealing with caffeine withdrawals.  I’ve detoxed from caffeine about once per year since then (how I got off of caffeine with minimal side effects and second with Life Time D.TOX Program), and not at all in the last year (the last time I did the D.TOX program I cheated and drank coffee, I just couldn’t imagine life without coffee at the time.) I’m taking my new found eye twitch and constant tiredness as a sign to get away from it for a while.  Sugar and caffeine feed on each other (as far as hormone balance) so that is where that comes from.  Wish me luck!

What Egg Labels Mean

Don’t forget to check out my latest post on the stone soup blog!  You’ll get the down low on all the labeling terms, which are regulated, and what you need to know in terms of weighing price versus nutrition! (Click the title above.)

  What are your goals this week?

One thought on “Easter Recap & 12 Week Check In

  1. Goals I’ve met:
    Drinking plenty of water
    Getting in the veggies
    Working out, (the toughest one because I do not like to do that) but I am so that’s a big good job for me!

    Goals to work on:
    Getting enough Omega 3’s
    Stop snacking after 6pm, pretty good most nights
    Watch the carbs

    That’s my little update Kelli! Have a great day 🙂

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