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New Job and New KIND bars

Hi Friends!  Sorry no post this morning it was a crazy day.  Lately I’ve been putting up a lot of recipe posts, partly because I had some time, and partly so I could give myself some time to see how some life changes would play out.   Everything ended up working out for the best and I’m so excited for the new opportunities in store for me.  What will I be doing?  I’ll be working as a Dietitian at a very large gym and I am planning to get my NASM certification (personal training) within 90 days.  Things are moving quickly!  My last day at my old job was yesterday but more on that soon I promise!  One of the things I’m doing before new hire week is getting my resting metabolic assessmentRMR Test-Kelli 2448x3264


Promise to share the results as soon as I get a copy and what it was like!  I had to fast for the test so by the time I was done I was HANGRY.  So I grabbed a smoothie from the cafe before I did some more new hire stuff like getting logged into everything and all that jazz.

smoothie lifetime 2448x3264

I also ate a bunch of pistachios because I was still starving, after I was done at the gym I stopped by the mall then I ran home to get something to eat for lunch.  Egg sandwich and coffee = amazing.

egg muffins sandwich and coffee 2448x3264

After the sandwich it was back to the gym to observe a personal training session.  Then I quickly stopped at Ulta to load up my gym bag with the necessities.

ulta stuff 2448x3264 After Ulta it was time for Physical Therapy, my first real appointment since getting prolotherapy.  I snacked on one of the most awesome KIND bars I’ve ever had in between physical therapy and my much needed massage.

caramel kind bar 2448x3264

KIND offered to send me these bars to try after I talked with them at FNCE.  The caramel almond sea salt and dark chocolate are new flavors with 7grams of Fiber and only 5 grams of sugar.  I really loved that they felt much more like eating a handful of almonds than eating a bar, plus caramel sea salt anything is pretty much the most amazing thing ever.  My awesome massage was followed by an amazing dinner with the hubby.

taco salad 2448x3264


Taco salad with chicken chorizo, grassfed organic cheddar, and salsa.  This was the second glass of bottle we opened because the first one I ruined the cork in, I don’t know how I end up doing that all the time.  Mr. Hungry to the rescue!


The end.


Have a great weekend!

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