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Nala Overcoming Her Fears

The most fun hour of my day today was taking little miss Nala to the dog park.  When we got there no one was in the normal green area, all the dogs were playing in the water.  She stood by the fenced and whined about wanting to go over to see the other dogs.

nala gate

So I gave in… despite the fact that it seems like more aggressive dogs hang out over there.  At first she stayed on the edge watching the other dogs, totally freaked out about the water.  She fell in the pool when she was little and everything was downhill from there with swimming.

nala bank

She ran so far down the bank it actually made me a little nervous, that gate down there isn’t exactly a blockade.

nala run

Finally she got a little braver…

nala water2

Then she got super brave, I think it was an accident I don’t thing she realized she’d have to swim if she went out that far but she did it!

nala swimming


The first time I went with her to the dog park we went totally unprepared but this time I had a doggy diaper bag ha ha!

  • Water for pup and for me
  • Treats
  • Pepper spray just in case

Nala is almost 8 months old now, puppyhood is slowly becoming a thing of the past as she becomes more and more well behaved every day.  She listens so much better now thanks to our training.    There are some days that are better than others, but for the most part it gets better all the time!  I really really really hope she wants to swim with us next summer!


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