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Meals/Fitness Plan & Healthy Habits Challenge 2/1/14-2/7/14

Week 5

It’s confession time, I have a really bad habit of not throughly washing some of my produce items. This especially applies to 5am when I’m making my green juice. Don’t get me wrong, I “rinse” my produce, but it is definitely without as much care as should be taken. Sometimes I make the “it’s organic” excuse in my head to justify not really throughly rinsing something. Even though its true that non organic produce needs to be rinsed extra for pesticide residue, that doesn’t mean that non organic produce doesn’t need to be washed. Unless we grow it in our backyards, the fact is that produce (organic and non organic) is handled by many different hands and needs to be rinsed of any contamination. So this week, I’ll be paying more attention to throughly washing my produce! We will recap how it went next Monday, let me know if you’ll be joining in!


I attempted something new this week, I attempted purchasing enough food for two weeks (minus green juice ingredients). Next week my plan is to only go to the store for green juice stuff and that’s it. I bought extra ground meat and froze it, and I have some frozen veggies to pull out of the freezer for quick meals. Next weekend is going to be crazy so hopefully it helps!



Trader Joe’s

Trader joe s



Meal Plan

Breakfast Options

The usual….

DIY Starbucks Breakfast Burritos


– Greek Yogurt & Maple Almond Quinoa Granola

Blackberries instagram

– English Muffin (PB/J or Egg/cheese)

English Muffin

Overnight Oats

Overnight oats collage

Lunch Options

<a href="

bacon-ranch-dressing/”>BBQ Chicken & Peppered Turkey Bacon Salad

BBQ Chicken and Peppered Turkey Bacon Salad


Dinner Plan

Sunday- out

Monday- Casserole

Tuesday- leftovers

Wednesday- Fish & Veggies

Thursday- Out/ Healthy Homemade Baked Corn Dogs for Paul

Friday- Wing It

Saturday- Wing It

Prep Ahead:

– made all Super Bowl food on Saturday, all I need to do is cut/wash some lettuce and wash the strawberries!

– Paul needs to make chicken for our salads

Injury Update

Still lots of stretching, foam rolling, ice, and rest. If I’m not seeing improvements by the end of this weekend I may have to go for an MRI :/ I am still staying active though with the power tower and ab workouts! I’ll post some of what I’ve been doing soon, I’m definitely gaining a lot of definition in my arms, it’s awesome!

Now I’m off to the in-laws for a Super Bowl Party, upon request I’m bringing Spicy Mexican Hummus Yogurt Dip, Cheesy Pizza Quinoa Bites (made a little differently, will post new recipe soon) with spicy goat cheese marinara sauce, and hot and spicy buffalo shrimp dip (this recipe from skinny taste). Have a fun day everyone, I’ll be enjoying the commercials but I hope your team wins!!!!!!

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