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Kauai Honeymoon Part 4

For my second workout on the trip I got about 3/4ths of the way through with this workout on my pinterest board:



Steelgrass Farm Tour and Chocolate Tasting

We spent Friday morning of our Honeymoon at a Farm Tour/Chocolate tasting at Steelgrass farm. The beginning of the tour was sampling all kinds of delicious exotic tropical fruit. My favorite sample was second from right in the last row, it was called a egg fruit. It taste like a sweet potato but had the texture of an avocado or mango. A sweet potato you don’t have to cook, I would eat that ALL THE TIME!



After that it was time to learn a little about how chocolate is made. Similar to the Kauai coffee tour, I remember about 20% of what they said but it was still really cool to learn about and see real fresh unprocessed chocolate.


After learning about how chocolate is processed and sampling some pure cocoa nibs, it was time to do the official chocolate tasting. Before we did the dark chocolate tasting though, they went over with us a nice little summary of the tour and some benefits of dark chocolate.


Then we finally got to sample 11 different types of chocolate! We actually didn’t sample them in order, we were given the correct order after so these descriptions don’t match the list. However, our favorite was the Kallari “Red Leaf” grown in Ecuador.


Queens Bath

Queens Bath is a pool surrounded by lava cliffs and is supposed to be one of most unique and crystal clear spots to swim in the summer. The hike down is kind of rough, but not terrible… I was excited at the possibility of seeing sea turtles!

Kelli Queens Bath 1

In the winter months it is “closed” do to the tide coming in and making the pool virtually impossible to find. Not to mention making it dangerous to walk along the lava cliffs.


Paul forgot to mention this little fact before we got there, so once we got to the cliffs I was super freaked out. I stood way back while Paul went on to explore and look for the swimming “pool”, however the tide was already to far in to swim.


Guess what? I did get to see a sea turtle, I even got a super blurry pic of the little guy!


Its all fun and games till someone gets freaked out they are gonna get ripped away to sea and they stub their toe and get mud everywhere…pouty Kelli captured on camera…


Fish Market

We hit up the Fish Market for dinner on a recommendation from a local and I am so glad we did. If you go to Kauai you have to go here, you get fresh massive pieces of fish for half the cost of what you would pay in a sit down type restaurant.


Paul got some sort of swordfish from the case, but unfortunately the picture didn’t come out. It took a while to cook so by the time it came out we were really really hungry. My picture of my massive tacos came out good though!


I pretty much ate it as a salad because you couldn’t pick up the tacos anyways.

Kalapaki Beach Hut

Saturday was spent mostly at the beach, so I’ll spare you those photos. However Saturday night was by far one of my favorite meals so I just had to include it. Kalapaki Beach Hut is right next to the Marriott where we stayed, its outside isn’t anything fancy but its menu features very unique items like island fish, taro burgers, and taro fries.

Paul and I both got taro burgers, which are veggie burgers made from taro root, rice, and onions. It was absolutely delicious!

burger kauai


Paul also got a side of the catch of the day which was grilled Hebi.


We also split a side of deep fried taro fries.


Airport Blues

Rocking my “I Love Hawaii” shirt I got for 5 bucks, we did not want to leave!


Now we are back to the daily grind, but loving our little apartment and first couple weeks of married life! Yesterdays Advent Jar was “Listen to each others favorite Christmas Song.”

Mine- Baby, Its Cold Outside

Pauls- Carol of Bells

Have a good Thursday everyone!

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