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Friday Fitness & Favorites 12

Happy Friday!  Man, it’s been a fast week, I can’t believe Friday is here already!  This week was much better in terms of not being as injured and since I decided to let it be enough.  Hope you enjoy today’s Friday fitness and favorites round up!

Friday Fitness Recap

After last week’s stupid foot issue which put me out of commission it felt great to be back this week!  Lot’s of walks with Nala again!



Saturday – Ran with Nala 



Monday- Chiropractor 

Tuesday-  Ran 3.8 Miles with Nala 

Wednesday- Spin Class

Thursday- OFF

My shoulder has been feeling better too, which I’m so happy about.  I’ hoping by Monday I can start lifting a little bit again!

Friday Favorites

A boatload of fresh spring organic produce from Melissa’s Organic Produce!

I finished a jar of Maranatha’s Almond Butter in a week, thanks to a Sprouts Sale.  I don’t even have any pictures, that is how quickly it went.  Now I’m on to cashew butter – hopefully with some portion control this week!

I love my new spiralizer.  Great recommendation from DTFN! (Here is the affiliate link.) What I actually love most about it is that it’s compact and stores in a drawer easily.  #simple #minimalism

Also my favorite person this week is my dietetic intern!  Dietetic interns rock.  Okay well, technically,  I’ve only every had two, one at Life Time and one now. She is working really had and getting all the Newsletter freebies lined up for you guys this summer and so far they look great!

Favorite Articles

Favorite Recipe Round-Ups

Favorite Adulting Tips

Love this pin. 

Also if you are looking for some beginner information regarding finances these articles might help you out.  These were sent to me by the blogger who wrote them and typically I don’t take link requests (so spammy) but I recently listened to Tony Robbin’s book Unshakeable on audible (here are my audible & Podcast recommendations).  I learned so much that I think everyone should learn, but it was so so so boring at times.  That’s what I decided to share these links, start educating yourself slowly, it’s one of the best things you can do!

Speaking of Podcats – just finished S-Town – OMG SO GOOD/SAD/ENLIGHTENING/CRAZY so many words but I wish the story wasn’t over.

I was scared to realize how much all of these resonated with me! 

OH AND LASTLY!  IT’S FRIDAY so that is my favorite in itself.  This weekend I’ve got a grocery store tour on Saturday and then I’m free the rest of the weekend!  For local friends, the grocery store tour is free and will be at the Albertson’s in Gilbert (Gilbert–861 E Warner Rd.) – here is a summary of the tour.  

9 thoughts on “Friday Fitness & Favorites 12

  1. You took a spin class? I need to hear about this!

  2. I love quick bodyweight circuits. That one looks killer! Going to take look at these recipe round-ups!
    carrie this fit chick recently posted…Friday FavoritesMy Profile

    1. It’s all I can do right now- got to stay off my shoulder but I really don’t mind!

  3. Love hearing that your shoulder is better! WOOHOOOO

    1. It’s getting there, I can lift but I can raise my arms above my head #progress

  4. These look like some killer, quick workouts! Thanks for sharing. Hope you have a nice weekend!

  5. That article about the woman who wore the same outfit for a year… Er, um…… She is pretty much my twin cause um, that’s kinda, sorta, totally what I do! hahahaha!
    GiGi Eats recently posted…Insta-Recipes: A “Story” About Two Treats And A Protein PowderMy Profile

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