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EMC New Resident Ice Cream Social and Best Buy Trade In

June 28th

I started off today with another French Toast Breakfast Scramble which was the second half of the batch I made Wednesday night, topped with almond butter, cinnamon and raisins of course 😉 I didn’t feel quite satisfied so I cut an apple in half and ate that too on the way to the hospital.

Today was actually a big day at the hospital, nutrition services hosted an ice cream social for the public and hospital to meet the new residents! Since this is Eisenhower’s first group of residents everyone was super excited to meet them and see some (mostly) young faces. Each resident was serving a flavor ice cream which was indicated on their hats!

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I sampled the strawberry cheesecake and mint chocolate chip (topped with oreos and fudge of course), of which the strawberry cheesecake found its way mostly to the trash can but the mint chocolate chip had me looking for seconds…. good thing they ran out before I decided to get some!

Then we headed to lunch, yes a little backwards. I got the tofu broccoli stir fry with brown rice, steamed broccoli, and bok choy. It was an okay lunch, I mostly ate the steamed broccoli and pieces of tofu.

After work I was going to trade in my iphone 4 at best buy today for a new iphone 5 but turns out you can’t have water damage. How can you tell if you have water damage on an iphone without taking it apart? The bottom part of the charger has a box if thats white then no damage, if its red then there is. My phone passes this test. Unfortunately though if you shine a light in the headphone jack bright red evidence of my phone’s swim in the toilet in May glares back at you. Oh well. But for those of you that have an iphone 4/4S you can trade it in for a 150 credit towards another iphone until tomorrow night. Trick is you have to be eligible for an upgrade (I am) and the screen can’t be cracked… and your phone can’t have gone swimming.

For dinner I finished the other half of my apple (yes there is a bite missing it what can I say?) and a bowl (okay two) of cereal with blueberries (for now). Today is my active recovery/OFF workout day so I will most likely do some yoga (more about workout scheduling to come!) at home via I’m trying to talk myself int0 a 60 minute class…. maybe after all the cereal settles in my tummy!

Happy Friday everyone I hope you have an AWESOME weekend, if you live in the desert only go outside with SPF a million and only to get to the pool! Chow!

3 thoughts on “EMC New Resident Ice Cream Social and Best Buy Trade In

  1. An ice cream social = a darn good idea, and dessert before a meal is always an option 🙂

    1. My thoughts exactly! Go for the good stuff first! Looks like you have some good recipes over at emuseats I’ll definitely be following 🙂

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