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Wedding Ceremony Recap

Happy Friday!  I can’t believe 6 months came and went on May 15th, and I still haven’t put up the full wedding recap.  So many things to share such little time.  So far you’ve read about how Paul injured himself trying to make our engagement a surprise, seen the emergency bridal kit that saved my life, you’ve seen the rehearsal, and the getting ready events (plus the honey moon recaps).  Now it’s time for the good stuff, the important stuff, the stuff memories are truly made of… the ceremony and the reception.  Today I’ll do the ceremony and try and finish up the reception tomorrow (fingers crossed.)

DSC 0034

Our programs were designed by Mr. Hungry and they came out beautiful, I was/am so proud of him!

For the sake of time our photographer probably suggested a hundred times that we take our couple’s photos before the ceremony, but it was important to me that we didn’t see each other before.  We’ve had friends that have done the first site thing with the photographer and said that it was a very intimate moment for them that they are glad they shared.  I guess I’m just super traditional though and I wanted to wait till the ceremony.  So we settled on taking separate pictures with the bridal party before the ceremony.


From left to right

  • Alyssa, paired together freshman year in the dorms and best friends ever since.
  • Elizabeth, now my youngest SIL
  • Megan, MOH and younger SIL
  • Whitney, MOH and childhood best friend and fellow pool rat
  • Danielle, sorority sister and good friend
  • Kelsey, met in Europe and inseparable ever since
  • Jenny, met in graduate school, fellow RD and an amazing friend

My favorite moment was when one of my garters fell down to my ankle while the priests walked out….  #ultimateembarrassment


After we were done, the bridesmaids and I headed to the back room of the church so the guys could take their photos…


From left to right

  • Rob, childhood friend
  • Cory, met working at Lowe’s and friends ever since
  • Blake, childhood friend
  • Vinny, childhood friend
  • Paul, Mr. Hungry
  • Alex, friend from high school, our roommate in college, and best friend
  • Andrew, childhood friend
  • Jon, met through their ex-girlfriends, the girls went but they stayed friends


Then it was time for the ceremony to start, after months of planning and worrying and waiting I finally got to go marry the love of my life!

Paul walking his Grandma to her seat

DSC 0047

Father Sergio and our friend Deacon Scott Sperry

DSC 0051

Paul with his parents

Paul and parents

I couldn’t ask for a better first look

Paul looking

My mom walked me down the aisle just like we had always planned

Mom and veil

Being reunited with Paul was the best feeling ever.  Before the ceremony everyone kept asking how it I felt, in truth I was nervous, excited, scared, emotional, all wrapped into one ball.  Then, I looked at my friend Alyssa and fellow avid runner and told her… it’s like when I’m running a race and Paul is there to watch.  While I’m running I think about how exciting it will be to get back to him because no matter how I do in the race he will unconditionally love me.  Marrying him was like the end to the ultimate race in life, I couldn’t wait to see him and start our lives together.  I know for a fact that he will always love me unconditionally and I will always love him unconditionally, no matter how successful or not either one of us is, no matter what kind of day/week/month we’ve had, or health status.  It was time to confirm the love that we were already experiencing.


A few minor hiccups did happen that seemed huge at the time, but I laugh at now.  One, they forgot to play the Ave Maria song so we could take flowers to Mary, but we did it after which was no big deal and actually it was much more intimate without everyone watching.


Being so focused on the Ave Maria mishap, we forgot to kiss before we hightailed it out of there.  Whoops!  At the time no one was allowed to joke or talk about it, now I think it’s the funniest thing ever.  I get to kiss him every day for the rest of my life to make up for it so I’m pretty sure we will be okay.  Kiss was reenacted and again 10 times better than everyone watching.


Photo bomb time, we started with the bridal party, we are so lucky to have so many awesome friends.

DSC 8675

Then a billion family photos

DSC 8692

Finally Paul and I escaped for our own photo session, these are by far my favorite.


DSC 0306

DSC 0332

DSC 8797

DSC 8791

Then it was off to the reception!  I’ll be back tomorrow (hopefully) with the reception recap, boy do I have some funny pictures for you guys!  Have a great weekend 🙂

*All photos were professionally taken by Carson Day



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