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3 Mile Treadmill Workout & Performance Nutrition Strategies

Hi, Friends!  How was your Monday?  Mine was, um, fatigued.  Here is to hoping that caffeine withdrawal doesn’t rear it’s ugly head again.  I wanted to share a workout I did last week, man this was a good one!

30 Minute treadmill workout

Speaking of running and running fuel, recently, one of my clients sent me this podcast regarding a review of my beloved UCAN.  I listened to the whole thing while I was getting ready one day and I thought they made some fascinating points.

Some of the points I believed that were the most interesting:

  • Delivered carbohydrate less than or equal to that of a gel
  • Beta oxidation doesn’t necessarily equal lipolysis from fat stores
  • UCAN elicited similar responses to corn starch.  I thought this was fascinating as I often use UCAN to help clients in their weight loss efforts (supply enough carbs without causing blood sugar problems) and a long time ago I had a client from Mexico whose grandmother would give her cornstarch to lose weight.  I always thought this was an interesting since UCAN is made from corn fiber.
While I appreciated another viewpoint on UCAN, something didn’t sit right with me, but I couldn’t figure out what it was.  Then I was listening to the Paleo Solution podcast by Rob Wolf (for those interested in functional and integrative nutrition as well as sports performance, for those of you who love podcasts here is a list of my favorites) and it hit me what it was.
It’s all about training style, or rather nutrition strategy for training.  In the first, they are taking the traditional high carbohydrate fuel approach, in the later, they are taking a lower/moderate carb approach when it comes to performance nutrition.  We are also talking about different training styles, long endurance versus mixed glycolytic or endurance.  Although I know some athletes are doing very well on a low carb approach for endurance sports, for most people carbs work better.
Personally, I take each athlete I work with on a case by case basis, but I tend to prefer a lower/moderate carbohydrate approach with optimal timing for stable insulin/blood sugar levels and teaching the body to burn fat.  Avoiding a hypoglycemic dip is KEY, which I think was underplayed a bit in the first review.

Also of Potential Interest:

What’s your fueling style?  

I tend to take a low/moderate carbohydrate approach because I found that’s what works best for me.  I try to make sure I get at least one serving of carbs post workout for optimal recovery and protein sparing.  I usually use UCAN pre-workout, sometimes I fast, or I’ll have a full meal a few hours before.   I also play around a lot with my fueling strategy and carbohydrate timing.  I do increase my carbohydrates on workout days and time them around my workouts.  

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  1. I love intervals! Im definitely going to give this a try! I run first thing in the morning before I eat anything so I have a late snack before bed that has carbs to fuel me for the morning. recently posted…How much protein do you really need?My Profile

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