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dutch bros

4 Best & Worst Things from 4th of July Weekend

How was your weekend?  Mine was FANTASTIC, for the most part!  Especially since I usually group together America's Birthday with my Birthday.  I started off the day (Thursday) with a double workout (Abs & Arms- Week 5) followed by spin.  Which felt amazing because I hadn't had a chance to get a workout until then.  So of course my reward was a chocolate macadamia nut iced coffee from dutch brothers. My birthday also means.... Mexican … [Read More...]

sweet potato protein cookies2

Sweet Potato SunButter Cookies

Want a cookie healthy enough to eat for breakfast?  Ask and you shall receive, I made these with leftover sweet potato from my sweet potato pancakes and they were DELICIOUS!   They were so good that Mr. Hungry ate most of them and he HATES sweet potato.  So I ended up making him a second batch, with chocolate chips of course ;)  The one's I managed to get before he ate most of them were addicting though!   I figured they … [Read More...]

sweet potato pancakes instagram

Sweet Potato Protein Pancakes 2

Hey there!  How was your weekend?  Mine was pretty good, I worked a lot so I was terrible at taking pictures.  Saturdays I tend to rely on things like ucan bars, quest bars, Ostrim jerky, KIND bars etc... but I did managed to get in a salmon burger salad for lunch. For dinner we went to Whole Foods and I ate a whole thing of roasted veggies plus spring rolls. Yesterday morning I slammed french toast scramble before I realized I lost my … [Read More...]

sweet potato pancakes instagram

It’s Hungry Hobby’s 2nd Birthday!

I can't believe that today marks TWO years of blogging.  For the past two years I've blogged almost daily, isn't that crazy?  That's a lot of pictures and words, right?!?! Like pictures of my awesome breakfast the last couple of days.... Sweet Potato Pancakes (recipe coming soon)! I've also been digging tons of salads like salmon and ham, chicken sausage (what happens when I try and have real food snacks instead of bars on my day off) … [Read More...]

june 22nd collage

5 Tips for Eating Healthy During Long Shifts

Hi out there!  Sorry for the delayed post, it's crazy when I work 10-12 hour days Monday through Wednesday the days go by so fast.  I did an okay job at taking pictures, not everything but as usual I got most of it.  The other thing about long days is preparation is key, taking lots of snacks and veggies with me is the key to success.  This week I was less prepared then usual but I did okay. Tuesday   Wednesday   I've … [Read More...]