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Upper Body and Core Workout3

Another Upper Body/Core Workout & Advent Adventures

Happy almost the weekend but not quite day!  That's how I think of Thursday, anyone else? Let's back track to last night.  Lately in the evenings I get home and I think I'm not that hungry so I make myself a light dinner.  Then the minute I sit down it hits me like a truck and I'm SO HUNGRY.  Like the kind of hungry where you can't think about anything but how hungry you are, even though I've just eaten something.  So last night I decided to … [Read More...]

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Advent Jar Drawings So Far & Recent Eats

Advent Jar Recap So I haven't done the best job of documenting the advent happenings but here is a recap of the Advent Jar So Far: 1-  make advent jar 2- funny christmas youtube video 3-  kiss under missle toe 4-  share a favorite christmas memory-  mine was the year of Lisa Frank 5-  Scratchers- we won our money back on one of them! 6-  funniest moment in relationship (engagement was the answer) 7- Make a christmas … [Read More...]

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Resting Metabolic Assessment (RMA)

Hi friends!  Today I'm popping in to share with you the results of my Resting Metabolic Assessment.   What is a Resting Metabolic Assessment (RMA)? A resting metabolic assessment will provide you with the number of calories you can eat per day to meet your bodies needs without gaining weight.  Resting metabolism can be affected by many different things including: Body Mass (the more you weigh the more calories you burn in … [Read More...]


Weekend Recap & Thoughts About Holiday Treats

Hi Friends!  How was your weekend?  Mine was fun! On Saturday I woke up early enough to get a quick workout in which was a shortened version of this workout.   I shortened it because I wanted to swim but then I decided to try out the sauna instead. I usually go into the steam room but I've never been in the sauna before.  It felt really good, nice and relaxing, but I could only stay in 8 minutes before my ears started burning from the … [Read More...]


Yeterday’s Upper Body Workout

Oh my gosh you guys, Happy Friday!  Remember when I said I don't crave the weekend like I used to?  Well I don't, but for some reason Fridays are still fun.  I think its because my schedule changes a little bit, I go in a bit earlier and get off a bit earlier which is fun.  Anyways, lets do the blog thing and recap yesterday.  After re-testing my Resting Metabolism Assessment and practicing a Resting and Active Metabolic Assessment on an employee … [Read More...]