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Kelli Stone Soup Blogger

FNCE 2014 Recap

Hi everyone!  Sorry my posting schedule has been a little erratic, it might be that way for the next month or so, hang in there with me!  As you know, Thurs- Tues I was in Atlanta, Georgia for the Food and Nutrition Conference hosted by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.  I really loved the city, actually yesterday I posted some pictures of just the city.  I feel like I've been non- stop for the last week, well I always feel like that, but … [Read More...]


Scenes from Atlanta

Hi Friends!  I'm still hanging out in ATL for FNCE one more day!  I spent a lot of time last night working on a special project that I'll be announcing soon (nothing like FNCE to give you a kick in the pants to pursue your dreams), so I didn't have time to put up the post I had planned.  After looking through my phone I thought it would be fun to photo dump some pictures I took while I was here! Last night's dinner at the hotel was super … [Read More...]

Nourshed Rd Photo

5 Ways to Health-ify Your Life

Hi Friends!  I'm so happy to have the first every Hungry Hobby guest post by a very special RD, Rebecca Clyde.  As you guys know I'm at the Food and Nutrition Conference in Atlatna, Georgia this week so I'm so happy to have her post here at Hungry Hobby on my behalf .  Rebecca is currently a Registered Dietitian pursuing her Masters in Science of Exercise and Sports Wellness, a field I am extremely passionate about.  Check out her blog she … [Read More...]


Fitness Friday & Caramel Dip

Happy Friday!  This post is auto scheduled, if all is going to plan I'm on my way to FNCE! So let's do the Friday thing, here is a quick recap of last week's sweat sessions: Last Week's Workouts Sunday (10/5)- Spin Monday (10/6)-  Hot Yoga Tuesday (10/7)- BodyPump + Elliptical 20 minutes HIIT (30 seconds hard/ 30 seconds recover) Wednesday (10/8)- Physical Therapy - Apt #1 Thursday (10/9)- Spin + pull ups/dips Friday (10/10)- Physical … [Read More...]


Healthy Travel Snacks

Whenever I travel I pretty much always pack my bag with lots of snacks and food before cloths, make up, wallet, other essentials.  Mr. Hungry was cracking up at my bag full of food that has been slowly accumulating items since last week.  "Look at all your travel snacks and meals, your such a good little Dietitian." Thanks hunny. Meanwhile he plans out his meals for while I'm gone, so far I've heard Tostino party pizzas, corn dogs (not my … [Read More...]