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salmon and broccoli

Mr. Hungry Cooks Dinner {Wednesday}

Thank goodness the humpday is over!  Today was insane and personally I'm just happy to say goodbye to it and hello to one day closer to a long weekend! Mr. Hungry's Salmon dinner he made tonight was delicious! Let's back track to the beginning of the after work saga though.  I got home from work and went upstairs to change into comfortable workout cloths for a walk after dinner.  That's when the afterwork hungry monster hit so I had some mini … [Read More...]

4 Ingredient Formulx Bars

Running in the Rain Increases Speed & 4 Ingredient Formulx Protein Bars

Happy Humpday!  So close to the long weekend .....SO CLOSE.... hang in there! I've been wanting to tell you about the time Paul and I ran in the rain (last Tuesday).  The funny part about it is Mr. Hungry and I woke up to run around 550, got ready and headed downstairs.  We opened the garage door and ..... "oh crap it's raining".... (FYI that doesn't happen in AZ very often) Should we go?  Should we not go?  Let just do it!  So off we … [Read More...]

Thai Green Curry Turkey Burgers

Thai Green Curry Turkey Burgers

Happy Tuesday Friends!  Guess what?  I have the BEST super flavorful veggie packed Turkey Burger recipe for you EVER today! How did these amazing burgers come about?  A couple of weeks ago TJs had this Thai Green Curry Simmer Sauce as part of their sample. I don't remember what the sample was actually of, but I do know that I immediately impulse purchased this sauce because it was so good.  Then last week when I was making Jalapeno … [Read More...]


Mr. Hungry Cooks Steaks for Dinner {Monday}

So since I shared Mr. Hungry's meal plan for this week, I thought it would be fun to share what kind of meals we ended up with.  First a little recap of my evening... I was SLAMMED at work and missed my lunchtime treadmill walk which had me even more stressed.  So I quickly changed for Hot Yoga and grabbed a handful of Coconut Sugar Lemon Almonds to eat on a short walk. Walking in pants in Arizona in August wasn't the best idea.... but I … [Read More...]

6 miles

Weekend Recap and 6 Mile Run

Happy Monday!  How was your weekend?  Ours was, for the most part, laid back. Friday We kicked off Friday night with Happy Hour at Spinatos which was SO GOOD.  You can't go wrong with pizza and wings on a Friday night.   I love it when they serve you HUGE side salads   We got the Mama Spinatos "Signature" Fresh Spinach and it was literally amazing.  It was topped with sweet sauce and a mound of spinach and cheese, … [Read More...]