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150 Burpees (at home workout)

Last Sunday I did this workout at home and I was pouring in sweat, 150 Burpees is no joke.  It's a great one to get a good sweat going at home, all you need is a pair of light dumbbells (trust me you'll be so tired from the burpees you won't want to go heavy.)   Let me know if you try it!!!! Exercise Links: -  Burpee -  Burpee Jacks -  Lateral Lunge with Bicep Curl and Single Leg Balance -  Lateral Lunge with … [Read More...]


D. TOX Reflections

Remember D. TOX?   It officially ended Monday... if I would have made it the full 14 days.   Thing is, starting Friday night we met up with friends, then had another get together, then Mr. Hungry really wanted to go out to breakfast... so for me it ended a couple days early.  It would have been one thing if we regularly go out to meet friends, but we usually don't (work schedules hectic etc.) so I never miss an opportunity to celebrate with … [Read More...]


Berry Matcha Smoothie

Hi Friends!  Yesterday I woke up super late, I slept 9 hours!  Isn't that insane?  Considering I'm usually good on 7, 9 hours seems insane, I guess my body needed it! .... When I finally did get up I went on a run and boy did it feel good.  Every time I go out running I feel so blessed to be able to do so after battling my hip injury for so long, I truly feel amazing when I get the opportunity to go out for a run no matter how long or short, … [Read More...]


Menu Monday #2 & Easy Shrimp Stir Fry

Happy Monday Friends!  How was your weekend?  Sunday over here was the perfect Sunday.  Mr. Hungry and I went out for a delicious breakfast at US Egg after mass.  I got a egg skillet with bacon and cheese, no potatoes. I also got a protein waffle, I'm not huge into to pancakes when I eat out because I can make those at home, but waffles... those are my jam. Mr. Hungry was super excited about his breakfast, a fully loaded skillet and … [Read More...]


Whole Foods Friday Favorites

  Happy Friday!  Last Tuesday I had the best day hanging out at Whole Foods for all day Grocery Store Tours.  I thought this week it would be fun to do a little spin on the Friday Favorites series and share some of my favorite Whole Foods finds! Like... Local Music Four Different Colors of Cauliflower The Convenience Wall   My Favorite Guacamole (I Love the Hot but they were out)    Healthy Salad Dressings … [Read More...]