Healthy iPhone App Review Friday: Happier

This week, (well yesterday) I started using the app Happier and I love it!  Lately I’ve been doing three things really wrong and I can tell it has taken a tole on my mood. First, I’ve been focusing way too much on the negatives.  Also, I’ve been focusing a lot on my future goals which is definitely a good thing, but it also makes me miss what I have to appreciate right now.  Lastly, I’ve been playing the “grass is always greener on the other side card a lot.”  This is kind of a result of focusing too much on the current negatives and knowing what I want in the future.  So needless to say, I was looking for something to help remind me of all the good things I’ve got going for me right now and all I have to be happy about!  The best way I can describe Happier is an instagram and gratitude journal rolled into one, which is awesome!  In the past  I used another app called the gratitude rock, which was good for increasing my positive outlook but I got to lazy to type in things all the time.  Things like this gotta be real easy or they just won’t stick, and that’s what I love about happier.  

IMG 3311


With this app all you do is snap a photo of something that is making you happy and that’s it!  I like it because I feel like I have more freedom than I do with instagram.  Don’t get me wrong I love Instagram, I love to see all my friends updates and be inspired.  However it’s becoming more of a business tool for bloggers like myself, I’m definitely guilty of the “here is what is up on the blog today” pictures.  It’s all good, but with happier I feel like I have more freedom.  I can put up whatever I want without bombarding instagram followers with my everyday moments.  Instead, I can have my happier account focus not on what I want to share with others but really have a place to go that logs moments I was consciously saying to myself “I’m lucky to have this or this makes me happy.”

IMG 3308

Plus it’s convenient, snap the picture and the moment is saved… I love how easy that is!  I also love the happier tips, they inspire me to do things that I sometimes might feel too lazy to do.  I love going out with girlfriends or seeing friends, but most days I’m so tired I just want to come home and unwind in my PJs.  That little tip reminds me that sleep is good but so is filling my soul by spending time with friends!

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They also have courses to help keep you on track, which I’m definitely considering doing!

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I don’t have an overall “RD opinion” because this app has nothing to do with food (except the happy moments caused by food).  However I do think it is a great way to constantly remind yourself of all the little moments in your life that make up your happiness.  All those little moments are really why we are living, breathing, loving, and laughing ….even if we don’t realize it!

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Questions of the day:

Do you keep a gratitude journal, does it help improve your mood?

What makes you happier?  

What are you most grateful for?  

At this moment, I’m most grateful for TGIF!