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Boredom Busting Swim Workout

Hi Friends!  Happy Labor Day Weekend!  Today I've got a short post for you with a quick workout perfect for a pool day like today!  I did this workout on Friday of this weekend when my shin splints started to become a problem.  I think I have made it pretty clear in the past that I don't totally dig swimming.  I mean I always feel good after, but I have a hard time pushing myself in the water.  So on Friday I decided to try to bust my boredom … [Read More...]

mini breakfast nut butter quesadillas

This Week’s Meal Plan & Fitness (8/29)

Happy Sunday and Happy Labor Day Weekend!  I hope your having a good one so far! Even though it's Labor Day weekend I'm still popping in to share what I've got planned for meals and workouts this week.  Nothing too drastically different, a couple of new recipes planned.  I'm actually hoping to make it through a two week meal plan, so we will see how it goes! Groceries No grocery pictures this week yet, I haven't gotten around to it quite yet. … [Read More...]

lunch collage2

Food Diary and Fitness Friday (8/29)

Happy Friday!  Hello Long Weekend!  Mine is going to be even longer since I had to take today off work to go to the Doctor's appointment that canceled on me last Tuesday.  I didn't mean to make it an even  longer weekend, but I guess it was just in the cards for me!  Quick post today with some meal recaps and fitness adventures from last week. Meal Recaps Breakfast Veggie Packed Breakfast Sausage Mini Quiches (Recipe coming soon- they … [Read More...]

Tips to Prevent Skipping an After Work Workout

How To Not Skip Your Afternoon/Evening Workout

  Personally I prefer to workout in the morning. I love the “I already got my workout feeling” to start the day.  Unfortunately, I already get up early to leave the house around 6:30am, so working out in the morning usually isn't feasible (unless I want to go to bed at 8pm or something).  Switching to afternoon workouts has been somewhat of a challenge, but it’s been manageable.  I put together a few of my tips on how to make sure I … [Read More...]

salmon and broccoli

Mr. Hungry Cooks Dinner {Wednesday}

Thank goodness the humpday is over!  Today was insane and personally I'm just happy to say goodbye to it and hello to one day closer to a long weekend! Mr. Hungry's Salmon dinner he made tonight was delicious! Let's back track to the beginning of the after work saga though.  I got home from work and went upstairs to change into comfortable workout cloths for a walk after dinner.  That's when the afterwork hungry monster hit so I had some mini … [Read More...]