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Meal Plan #3- Fall 2015 90 Day Challenge

Happy Sunday Friends!  I just finished a 3 mile with Mr. Hungry and the pup, her first hike!  We had a great time, with the exception of almost getting run down by mountain bikers like 7,000 times.  Some people are SO nice, they say excuse me or thanks when we have to move out the way but some bikers literally almost run you down.  Many of you have been asking how my back is doing, and I'm finally doing great!  I'm planning to put up an update … [Read More...]


Chocolate Sunbutter Green Smoothie

I really wanted to call this smoothie chocolate sunbutter green protein recovery smoothie to adequately give credit to all it's ingredients.  Don't worry I refrained.  Lately, mid week day off from Life Time has been jam packed with to do lists between getting reading to start teaching at the community college, to chiropractic care (going great by the way), to appointments, to Hungry Hobby stuff my day is FULL to the brim.  I always tell myself … [Read More...]


Link Love I

Good Morning Friends!  This morning something crazy happened, I woke up without an alarm.  I'm usually a drag myself out of bed, 5 alarm type person.... so waking up at 5 and jumping out of bed is kind of like a miracle.  So I had enough time to walk puppy and make a quick breakfast of iced coffee protein shake and a banana with sun butter on half and peanut butter on the other half.  I dream about my nut butter covered banana's in the morning... … [Read More...]

late night snacking

How I Quit Late Night Snacking (& You Can Too!)

Hi Friends!  Yesterday was a big meal day, I ate three big meals throughout the day and it felt great. Breakfast was 3 spaghetti squash egg cups (recipe coming soon, still perfecting it), banana with peanut butter on half and sun butter on the other half. I ran home for lunch to let Nala out and had this Salmon Salad with goat cheese that I packed the night before.  I also had 3 leftover banana dippers, because it's the perfect amount … [Read More...]

Bang For Your Buck

Weekend Photos & Bang For Your Buck Workout

Hi Friends! I hope you had a great weekend!  Mine consisted mostly of Sunday since I worked all day Saturday, but Sunday was full of Mr. Hungry, Nala and Missy.  My favorite way to spend the weekend! Brunch at the hillside spot and Whole Foods his and hers (mine on the left and his on the right.) As promised here is the workout from Team Kelli on Saturday!  This one is a killer combining upper and lower body movements gives you the … [Read More...]