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Sweet Potato Spinach Quiche

Almost 5 Ingredient Sweet Potato Spinach Quiche

Happy Tuesday Friends!  Today I have a festive seasonal quiche for you that is, in true Hungry Hobby kitchen fashion, super easy to make, high in protein, and delicious!     I called this almost 5 ingredient quiche because I'm counting all the dried seasonings as one ingredient, I mean these are staples that you most likely have stocked in your kitchen anyway (if you haven't you should!)  It's the perfect light breakfast for … [Read More...]


5K 30 Minute Tread Routine & Weekend Recap

Hi Friends and Happy Monday!  I'm a bit peppier than most on a Monday because I'm not working except for a meeting from home.  Right now I'm loving it, we will see how I feel about working weekends later.  That being said, so far so good at the new job I'm still loving it and I have a few posts to write about things I've experienced so far like getting metabolic tests done, interpreting labs, and more.  I digress, let's back up to Saturday which … [Read More...]


Acupuncture & Fitness Fun Friday (11/21)

Happy Friday Friends!  Hopefully I will pass my "test out" and be able to start seeing clients now at my new job today!  Picture taken at home because there is no way I'm taking a picture of myself at the gym yet.  #awkward   In the mean time I felt so disconnected from blogging this week, I miss you guys!  I'm hoping I'll get into a better rhythm soon.  Even now this post is set to autopost so that I can get a workout in before I … [Read More...]

20 minute tread workout

20Minute Treadmill Workout & Half Way Through Training

Hey Guys guess what?  I'm HALFWAY through training and I'm so excited to get started!  Yesterday was CRAZY busy just like every day, but so interesting and so fun.  I woke up a little late my alarm was set for 5am but I woke up at 6am (okay a lot late).  I still decided to see if I could get a 20 minute run in which looked kind of like this one. T Then when I went to go get ready for work I realized I left my uniform at home.  Luckily I … [Read More...]

Almond Joy Protein Fudge (gluten free, paleo)

Eats Lately.

Happy Wednesday you guys!  This week has been SUPER CRAZY BUSY and worldwind of information.  I'm in new hire training for my new job which has led to a super crazy schedule.  I know it will all be worth it in the end though, sorry no post yesterday either I was EXHAUSTED and needed to study! Recent Eats Speaking of exhaustion I literally could not decipher what photos go to what day and at what meal time.  I kind of feel like just photo … [Read More...]